Hello world!

Don’t you just love the title of this article?  Assigned to the default post in my WordPress software, I simply couldn’t delete it: the power of that title tugged at me.  How deliciously apropos.

After much debate, I’m hanging my ass out here in the blogosphere. In this world the signal-to-noise ratio is high, given the 70 million other blogs currently on the web.

It’s not likely that this blog will find a large or identifiable audience, save for obligatory friends and family members.  It won’t serve a specific topic.  It won’t lend credibility to my business.  And it certainly won’t make money.

Instead, my blog will be a self-serving arena (as are, let’s face it, nearly all forms of writing). It’s a blue-sky response to my desire for a creative outlet to express my personal musings. I feel the need to pen more than business-intoned, client-required content: this may feed my wallet, but I also want to water my soul.

Why a blog?  Primarily because nothing may ever be written without the self-imposed deadlines necessary to maintain a blog.  Most important, I’m ready to face the fear all writers must overcome: to get it all out there.

So, hello world!