UPDATE: From Facebook to Face

For those (two or so people out there) hanging in suspense, wondering if I made it safely home from my NYC visit with Elizabeth, I am reporting in.

I had a super-duper amazingly great time.  And I did not end up in the garbage disposal.

Less than three minutes after arriving at Elizabeth’s apartment, my shoes were off and we were chatting as though we’d done it a thousand times before. For the entire weekend, we laughed and played Scrabble and drank incredible wine and shopped for fabrics and ate over-the-top yummy Chinese and Mexican food and drank margaritas.  Mostly, we talked and talked and talked.

I made a new friend this weekend… there’s simply nothing better than that.

This was also my first time in New York City, except for those brief, half-day forays in for the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Small-town New Hampshire Girl, welcome to Gotham!  Soon as I stepped out from the train station, I wanted to dance my Marlo-Thomas-Mary-Tyler-Moore-Holy-Shit-I-Am-In-A-Big-City-On-My-Own spin – but refrained from doing so for fear of being publicly mocked (besides, I had no hat with which to remove and toss in the air). It was exciting!!

And I learned lots while popping my cherry on the Big Apple:

  • It takes forever to get a cab in front of Madison Square Garden. Pee before you get in line.
  • Subway seats can be very sticky.
  • It takes nearly a thousand hours to travel from Battery Park to 78th Street. Bring provisions.
  • Stave 28 wine is magnificent.
  • Not all New Yorkers are assholes (or axe murderers). Everywhere we went, I met wonderful, kind, funny people.
  • Amtrack is not the way to travel if you need to be somewhere on time.
  • The garment district is Mecca to those of us smitten with fabric.
  • Garbage disposals are not permitted in NYC. Probably because it cuts down on missing persons…

The best thing I learned is that someone needs to invent a word to describe the feeling (that click!) we get when we find ourselves instantaneously comfortable with someone we’ve never before met. It’s bliss!

I am not only going back to NYC for another Elizabeth fix, I am also venturing out next year to consummate other Facebook friendships with those I feel equally compelled to meet.

It’s gonna be a great year!


By the way, Elizabeth writes a fun blog about her adventures in sewing… go peek!